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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Work out the meaning for yourselves, it should be obvious to at least one of you:

Feel © 2006 by Robert Shaw

I need to feel, it's all I want,
I hate these boundaries, I need something to touch,
Men and women living as one
Holding each other, they're so grateful to clutch,
Working every minute, loathing every last bit,
It all seems pointless, why don't I just quit?
And feel, I begin to feel.

I need to feel, it's all I want,
Detest these borders, they just make me so cross,
Love and money, fathers and sons,
Everybody making people torment and guns,
People walked past, caught in the blast,
It makes no difference that my love never lasts,
So feel, I begin to feel.

With no feelings, I wouldn't begin
To keep on going, I'd have no time to grieve,
With no feelings there would be nothing
I wouldn't begin to live, sleep or breathe,
With no feelings, I wouldn't live
I couldn't live for you,
And I wouldn't live for me,
Or feel,

I begin to feel,
Never win, just feel,
I begin to feel.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When You Love Someone

When you love someone you can tell them anything.

When you love someone you can make them feel like the only person in your world.

When you love someone you have a reason to live.

When you love someone nothing matters any more.

When you love someone you can never be annoyed with them.

When you love someone you are completely honest with them.

Now can you tell me you love me?

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Mad Woman In The Attic

Jane Eyre - yes that's the topic of todays blog post. Don't be too put off though, this isn't the real Jane eyre, rather, it is my *edited* version. So prepare yourself for a tale full of rape, murder, monkeys and madness. That's right, it's like Coronation Street but without the Manchester accents.

In the real version, it is believed that Jane is extremely innocent and that she is the perfect woman for Mr. Rochester, but new revelations have revealed that in fact she is the student of Bertha - Mr. Rochesters insane wife.

Spare time is a valuable thing, and these two women spend most of theirs raping monkeys. It's school for the sexually deranged, with Bertha taking the role of teacher and Jane that of pupil. On the outside, Jane seems calm, collective - the perfect heroine - but on the inside it is more like she has been doing heroin.

So, who taught Bertha I hear you cry? It was I - I admit it, there is no denying that I am 300 years old and a self-proclaimed monkey-raper. Please don't crowd, I wouldn't want you slipping on a banana skin.

Shock, horror; gasps whisper around the onlookers; intakes of breath suck the air out of the room. Is Mr. Rochester to suffer the same horrible banana-scented fate for the second time? Or can he get out in time and not marry Jane? If only he were not blinded by Bertha's attempts to get kinky!

More to come...

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Nobody would have ever known,
The way I felt before,
But now I can forever moan,
At rest forever more.

Not much of a rhyme, I know, but I had to open with something strange!

More to come soon...